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Huerfano County’sHidden treasures May 29

Willson & McKee –  The JigHeads

by Carla Dolce

HUERFANO- You′d be hard pressed to find two musicians more talented and diverse than Ken Willson and Kim McKee!  This duo not only performs award-winning Celtic music around the country but also provides educational programs.   In concert, Kim, a National Mountain Dulcimer Champion and award-winning song writer, carries the audience through time and culture with her clear, soul-awakening soprano voice while Ken′s soothing tenor and acoustic guitar warms hearts and souls.  At schools, the duo teaches students how music reflects culture and preserves history while the students enjoy lively demonstrations of instruments like the accordion and bagpipes.

    Ken, originally from rural Minnesota/North Dakota, is a self-taught musician who became an award-winning Celtic musician after passing through rock, country and bluegrass music stages.  Kim is a classically trained musician who began performing at age five.  Originally from Colorado, she met Ken in Arizona in 1990 when he was a booking agent and she auditioned before him.  What an audition!  The year of touring that followed became the Willson & McKee journey, a journey that brought them to Huerfano County on several occasions thanks to the Spanish Peaks Arts Council.  Local audiences were delighted with their energetic, audience friendly concerts!  

    In 2006, inspired by Huerfano County′s creative community, Ken and Kim moved here from their home in Montana adding their talents to our local treasures.   Check their website ( to find the date and location of their next concert and to buy one of their fabulous CD′s.  Enjoy!