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Huerfano County election results

HUERFANO- In the most closely watched elections in Huerfano County, Republican Max Vezzani beat Democratic rival Lonnie Brown for the county commissioner district 2 seat, 1,866 votes to 1,650.
Ray Garcia (R) won the district 2 commissioner seat with1,622 votes, beating Nick Vigil (D) who got 1,384 votes, and Joe Albano (I) who got 518 votes.
For the Walsenburg City Council Ward 2 seat, Cathy Pineda won with 119 votes, beating Paul Rivera, who won 59 votes, and James England, who won 57 votes.
For state senator, incumbent Scott Tipton (R) defeated challenger Sal Pace (D), with local voting results of 177,285 (54%) to 135, 163 (41%).
F or state senate, Larry Crowder (R) is the projected winner in a squeeker of a race, with 21,214 (49.66%) against Crestina Martinez (D), with 19,774 (46.29%)
For state representative district 62, incumbent Edward Vigil (D) defeated challenger Tim Walters (R) 14,401 (61.54%) to 9,000 (38.46%).
On the county water mill levys 5A and 5B, both passed, with 5A getting 1,884 (55.18%) to 1,530 (44.82%).
5B passed with 1,991 votes (58.70%) to 1,401 (41.30%).
The Walsenburg City property tax increase (2A) went down in flames, with the no vote getting 908 (70.17%) to 386 (29.83%)
On the flip side, the Walsenburg Measure 2B, to allow the transfer of funds for infrastructure repair passed, with 979 votes (76.66%) to 298 298 (23.34%).
The City measure to make the treasurer and clerk appointed positions failed, at 840 votes no (65.47%) to 443 (34.53%).
Both county judges, Claude Appel and Gary Stork were retained by the voters. District Attorney Fran Ruybalid, who was running unopposed, was re-elected.
The statewide constitutional amendment 64, which would legalize marijuana in Colorado, passed 53.36% to 46.64%. Now the state has to figure out to to reconcile with federal law, where marijuana is still illegal.
Amendment 65, which would limit campaign contributions, passed 73.14% to 26.86%.
Finally, on the national stage, incumbent president Barack Obama defeated challenger Mitt Romney. Here in Huerfano County, Obama won 1,897 votes, or 52.23% and Romney recieved 1,615 votes, or 44.47%.