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Honoring volunteers for service to veterans

by Brian Manning

WALSENBURG — Numerous volunteers were honored for their service at the Spanish Peaks Veterans Community Living Center in Walsenburg at a volunteer appreciation ceremony. AdministratorMarty Schlink paid tribute the various volunteer groups consisting of the youth and adult groups, resident, pet volunteers, garden ladies, companions of veterans, auxiliary ladies, VFW, religious and all other volunteers. There are currently 120 volunteers performing a variety of services to the hospital. Volunteers were treated to a luncheon of finger foods and a delicious cake made for the event. They were also given a carrier bag with a water bottle. In addition to thanking the volunteers, Marty Schlink also thanked the cafeteria staff for their assistance in the preparation of the food. She was happy that so many volunteers attended and is looking forward to future programs with their help. Photo by Brian Manning.