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Hippie Days- a remedy for cultural malaise

by Nelson Holmes

GARDNER- Are you afflicted with that cultural malaise that gnaws at your viscera, forcing you to assume the fetal position in some dark and quiet place?  Well, friend, there’s hope in the form of a “good vibe” epicenter known as “Hippie Days” in nearby Gardner Colorado (beginning at 4 pm  Friday, July 30 and running through midnight Saturday).  Peace, love and fellowship need not ebb from the stony shores of our contemporary reality.  Don your tie-dye, beads, and rose colored spectacles and shake off the hum-drum detritus that weighs heavy on the soul.  The time has come to reconnect with friends and neighbors in an atmosphere charged with good will and fellowship.  What does this spa for the soul cost?  A few handshakes and hugs, smiles to give away, and a willingness to act as a corporeal conduit for kindness and joy; these are the fees for an outing sure to repair what ails you.  But, should you, in the blackest confines of your heartless soul, seek to bring crippled and malignant vibes to bear on those whose hearts are filled with goodwill…take thee to a more appropriate elsewhere.

    The gift of music will be presented by talented local souls whose artistry will prove a revelation.  Please bring a few ducats so that you may reward the village entrepreneurs for providing delicious treats and sparkling adornments.  These economic times are a struggle so do your utmost to reward this best expression of capitalism; unadulterated and benign.  Oh, lest I forget, like a phoenix rising from the embers, The “Wildflower Café and Store" will celebrate its grand opening in the heart of Gardner where the “Back Forty” and “Tortilla Flats” once dwelt.  So toss off your misanthropy and join in the celebration of this bright and auspicious weekend!