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Final Trustee is seated in La Veta

 LA VETA— At its June 3 meeting, the La Veta town board finally filled its last vacancy, seating Catherine Archuleta Manzanares after a unanimous vote to appoint her. Before the vote, Mayor Doug Brgoch asked if either candidate would like to add anything to their previous statement made at the May 20 board meeting. Manzanares said, “I’m concerned about the younger generation and the older generation,” particularly their involvement in town activities. “I want our town to flourish a little bit, for the town to prosper and make it good for all of us here,” she said. The other candidate, Kelly Popejoy, was not in attendance at the meeting. Trustee Shane Clouse asked if anyone had heard from Popejoy or if she had contacted town hall. Town Clerk Laurie Erwin said she had not. After the board vote, Manzanares said, “I’ll be honored.” She was sworn in by Mayor Brgoch and took her seat on the board. La Veta has readvertised for its marshal and deputy positions. Brgoch said the ad was “recrafted.” “We’re getting to the point where we need to conduct some interviews,”

the Mayor said. “We’re getting to the full summer season.” He advised that the town shouldn’t plan to rely on the state patrol and the sheriff’s department to help as much during the busy summer months. Erwin confirmed that there are currently seven applicants for the marshal position. Brgoch admitted the town is probably looking for someone close to retirement and added, “Salary is not going to be the drawing factor.” By resolution, the board did adopt a three-page job description for the marshal, which includes a listing of general duties, supervision, and essential functions. The mayor said other town employee job descriptions are also going to be reworked and adopted, the next being the deputy marshal. On behalf of the Main Street Beautification Committee, Liz Henson approached the board asking for a $500 donation to help pay for labor to clean and replant the town flower beds at Main and Ryus streets. “I hope you’re feeling generous tonight,” she said. The committee has employed the Wahatoya Community Initiative interns to help with the project at a cost of $12.50 per hour. Henson’s letter to the board suggested that the beautification of the entry corridor to La Veta provides a good first impression, makes friends and visitors feel welcome, and shows town pride. The request suggested that the donation come from the Park & Tree board budget, but Trustee Shane Clouse pointed out that the May 12 Tree Board minutes indicate that board was asked for $240 and agreed to commit $100 toward the project. Trustee Dale Davis reminded Henson that the town does its budget in the fall and allows organizations to ask for a funding commitment at that time. Although Trustee Dave Molyneux said he didn’t want to take money from the Streets & Alleys budget, he ultimately made a motion to use $250 of that very budget to make the donation. However, the motion failed on a tie vote of 3 to 3 (Trustee Kraynyk was not in attendance). Henson was advised to approach the board in the fall to request that a beautification project donation be added to next year’s budget. The board had a lengthy discussion about the work that needs to be done at the marshal’s office due to a roof leak and other issues. Since they have contractor experience, Trustees Molyneux and Clouse developed a list of repairs that need to be made to get the building back into shape. Clouse said, “We’re gonna lose that wall if we don’t do something.” The list also included new stucco, chimney bricks, facia, soffet, new drywall and ceiling insulation, and new flooring. Brgoch said the project is much larger than originally thought, and if it’s not fixed soon, “It’s just going to get worse and worse.” The town has already made a claim on its insurance for some of the work. Based on the scope of repairs, Molyneux warned, “This might turn into a situation where new law enforcement [personnel] would need to be housed at a different location” during construction. Trustee Al Coffey asked, “Can we make temporary repairs?” But the board decided to advertise for bids for the complete project, and Mayor Brgoch said, “We’ll see where we go from there.” Lonnie Brown submitted a letter on behalf of Huajatolla Valley Estates requesting permission to place two signs on Highway 12 at County Road 358 (Moore Avenue). The signs are required by USDA to advertise that the subdivision is building a new USDA-funded water treatment facility. The board approved erecting the signs on town property at appropriate locations. HVE will be responsible for the signs, and they will need to be removed by October 31. Town Clean Up days were set for June 27-28. The dumpsters will be located at the town lakes property this year. There will be a charge for tires, paint, oil, batteries and refrigerators, but no charge for other large items, like couches. The town will fund one dumpster at $600. The board approved having Erwin attend the 2014 Colorado Municipal Clerk’s Institute in July at a cost of $1,152 plus mileage. The cost includes tuition, meals, room and board.