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Falcon Flash for Nov. 20, 2008

By Ashton Rinker

and Leah Frye

    Gardner boys and girls basketball team participated in the Primero tournament this weekend with eight other teams. The girls won their game against HTA and Primero’s A team, but lost to Sierra Grande’s A team. The boys won their game against Primero’s B team but lost to Sierra Grande’s A team and Primero’s A team. The girls got a 2nd place trophy and boys came in 5th. Our coaches are very proud.

    “I feel excellent. It was a nice long day. All the children played to the best of their abilities and made Gardner School very proud. The girls received a 2nd place trophy while the boys came in 5th. Tuesday the team will travel to Craver Middle School. The tip-off is at 4:15 p.m.”

    ~Mr. Kevin Crosson~

    “I am so proud of both our teams. Winning Thursday was the highlight for both the boys and girls. The girl’s team was on fire Saturday morning beating out Primero’s “A” team.  They were such troopers during the Championship game.  We came home with a 2nd place trophy (the girls) and 5th place standing (the boys) in a large tournament with eight teams from all over southern Colorado. GO FALCONS!!!”

    ~Mrs. Cathy Cordova~