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Cuchara District ramps up for Spring

by Carol Dunn

CUCHARA- At its April 11 meeting, the Cucharas Sanitation and Water District (CSWD) set a completion date of May 31, 2008 for the improvements to the Pine Haven subdivision.  Only the lift station and the roads still require work.  The District is in the process of contacting residents and offering to finance the tap fee of $6,000 over two years. 

    General Manager Bob Northup, obviously a very busy guy, had an extensive report of activities, now that spring is upon Cucharas.  The district sign and mailboxes along Highway 12 will be revamped.  Northup has also been in contact with the district’s water attorneys about the Snowy Range Reservoir substitute water supply plan.  Part of the Snowy Range water right is shared by CSWD, and the district is monitoring the application process to make sure the plans are agreeable.  Northup also reported that the district crew may start sewer hookups the week of April 14.  The new phone system has been installed.  The office is gathering health insurance quotes, and Northup is working on a schedule for water and sewer maintenance.  The Department of Transportation is planning to seal and chip Highway 12 and is looking for a place to stockpile 1,000 tons of shale chips.  The area informally known as “Boggy Bottoms” (tract 13) will most likely be the site for the stockpile.  Finally, the gas detector is not working properly, so it will need to be repaired or replaced. 

    Marshall Moore was on hand to report on progress made in forming a non-profit co-op to develop recreational facilities in the area of the ski resort.  Moore said he has had an “extremely fruitful meeting” with John Bryant.  Moore also said the group would be very appreciative for anything CSWD can do to help, most notably to piggyback a survey of residents with one of the District’s regular mailings.  Chairman Leon Skaggs pointed out, “This is a long-range plan for slow progress as things are possible.”  Moore also complimented Board member Dan Brewer as being “extremely helpful and cooperative.”  Although no one put it into so many words, the gist of the discussion was what’s past is past, and there are those who desire to move forward in a positive direction.

    The Board adjourned into Executive Session to discuss legal questions, negotiation and personnel issues.

    The next meeting is May 9 at 9:00 am at the District office.