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Councilman Lou Taylor resigns

by Brian Orr

WALSENBURG- City Councilman Lou Taylor, who is moving to Page, AZ at the end of the month, resigned his seat Tuesday evening, stating “Walsenburg is in good hands.” 

    As Taylor was stepping out the Council door, Walsenburg policeman James Chamberlain was stepping in, after returning from a year’s deployment in Iraq.  This had been his third deployment since he began with the police department.  Chamberlain said, “I appreciate the support from the City.”

    In committee reports, it was noted that Walsenburg’s water quality report had checked out really well again.  It was also reported that the City had received a permit to continue using the sewage lagoon until April 2014.  This permit should be moot soon with the construction of the new wastewater treatment plant. 

    Speaking of the wastewater plant, Walsenburg wants­ to annex the land for the plant to be built on.  Since Walsenburg already owns this land, it’s a good bet the annexation petition will be approved.

    Lori Silva is seeking to buy three acres from the City that is adjoining her property, so that she can build a goat farm.    She was informed of a potential glitch however, that if the land were someday incorporated into Walsenburg, there is an ordinance against keeping hooved animals in side City limits.  It was decided to hold a special meeting to hash this matter out. 

    In other business, the Council was informed that the utility department would have to begin conforming to a federal mandate called the red flag, where clerks would be on the lookout for potential identity theft issues on bills.

    The City agreed to split the insurance costs on the upcoming Black Diamond Jubilee event, but is holding off on helping out the La Plaza de los Leones group, as their insurance quote has not come in yet.

    Also, it was decided to continue using the same City auditor this year, and look to use a new firm next year.

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