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Council passes franchise agreement with SIEA

WALSENBURG — The Walsenburg City Council unanimously passed two ordinances dealing with electric service provider San Isabel Electric Association Tuesday night at their regular meeting. The franchise agreement is only in its first stage however, with second reading of the ordinances scheduled for early February and then final approval from the SIEA board expected sometime after that. SIEA will pay the city an amount equal to three percent of gross receipts the electric co-op receives from the sale, distribution, or generation of electricity delivered within the city limits. That amount will not be seen on consumer’s SIEA statements until later in the spring. The text of both associated ordinances appear on the legal pages in this edition of the Huerfano World Journal. In other business, the full eight member city council unanimously approved the purchase of a new digital color Canon copier for $31,588.34 from Gobin’s Inc. The copier will be financed through the city’s Internal Service Fund, which means the funds that would be

paid as interest if financed through a bank will be deducted from various departments using the machine and returned to the Internal Services Fund. In addition city departments will pay the Fund for use of the single copier, eliminating the number of printers the city needs to use and eliminate the expense of buying high-priced ink cartridges. The current copier in the City Clerk’s office will be moved to the police department and allow the lease of that machine to be terminated. The city council met in a special session at 7:15 pm Wednesday to address a request for a 60-day extension of closing on the Martra purchase of land on the city-owned ranch. The item could not be added to the Tuesday night agenda as it did not meet the 24-hour notice required by law. While it is anticipated the extension will be granted, the outcome of the Wednesday night vote will be reported on the HWJ Facebook page today. WPD Chief Tommie McLallen told the council his 2014 statistical report had been forward to them as well as City Administrator David Johnston. The massive report indicates city police answered 6,600 dispatched calls for service last year, which averages out to an estimated 18 calls for service each day of the year. McLallen reported residents have told him they want increased traffic enforcement in Walsenburg. He said new traffic enforcement missions will be coming to the city in the near future and reminded residents the new fee and fine schedule went into effect on January 16, 2015.