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Commissioners scolded for broken handicap lift

by Larry Patrick
WALSENBURG — Wheelchair bound Walsenburg resident Connie Bartley took the Huerfano County Commissioners to task on Wednesday because of the broken handicap lift in front of the courthouse and lack of accessible bathroom facilities.
County Administrator John Galusha said the handicap lift has been broken down most of the time since it was installed about three years ago. A vendor was asked to order parts to fix it about two months ago, but has not reported back to the commissioners yet.
Bartley was adamant that the lift needed to be fixed now. “I feel like a second class citizen having to call for assistance and then having to go to another entrance to get inside the building when the rest of you can walk in the front door,” said Bartley.
The commissioners said a ramp is to be built to help those in need. As for the bathrooms, Galusha said a downstairs bathroom is to be remodeled to provide space for disabled citizens. No date has been set yet.
A calmed down Bartley then thanked the commissioners for the information and said she would be checking back with them in 30 days.