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Commissioners reward employees

by Larry Patrick

WALSENBURG- The Huerfano County Commissioners voted to give each County employees a $600 bonus minus taxes. The move was to reward the various departments for their efforts to save $119,000 in this year’s budget. The total bonuses will amount to around $37,000.  Commissioners had asked department heads to trim costs wherever possible to help the County through these tough economic times. The County did not give raises to employees this year and do not plan to do so next year. However, they are able to hold the line by not having to lay off anyone. With the passage of the 1% sales tax, the County will actually be able to add 3 employees to the dispatch services.

    With two County employees elected to the Walsenburg City Council this month and with other employees involved in community activities, the Commissioners passed a memo reminding employees that they are required to work for the County during regular working hours. If they need to be away during regular working hours, they must use vacation or comp time to perform other duties. Bruce Quintana, who works in the Assessor’s office was elected Mayor of Walsenburg and Craig Lessar of the Sheriff’s Department was elected as a city councilman.

    The front doors of the Huerfano County Courthouse will reopen on Nov. 30th. A chairlift for the handicapped will be ready and security will be in place. The side doors of the Courthouse have been used for several years with no entry allowed in the front.