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Commissioners get Swine Flu update

by Larry Patrick

WALSENBURG- The Swine Flu appears to be building slowly and could still be a big threat to human life.  That’s the information given to the Huerfano County Commissioners at their Wednesday meeting.  There has been one death and around 200 confirmed cases in Colorado.  97 people have died nationally.  Commissioner Art Bobian said an H1N1 vaccine for the Swine Flu will become available around October.  Medical experts are saying that two shots, a month apart, would be needed for those taking the vaccine.  That is recommended in addition to a regular flu shot.  Health officials say 36,000 people in the U.S. die of the flu each year but the Swine Flu has the capability of killing up to 250,000 people annually.  One of the best preventative measures people can take is to wash their hands regularly.  Officials are still not certain as to the severity of the Swine Flu.  People most at risk and that should consider getting a Swine Flu vaccination are people between 6 months and 24 years of age.  Also people who live with or care for children younger than 6 months old.  All pregnant women should get the H1N1 vaccine along with healthcare and emergency service personnel and people 25-64 years of age who have health conditions associated with higher risk of medical complications from influenza. Most people 65 and older have less risk of Swine Flu than younger people.  You can consult with your doctor for advice on the vaccine.  The information made available to the Commissioners was from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) which met last month to make these recommendations.

    The Commissioners were advised of a meeting next Tuesday from 5-7 pm. at the Spanish Peaks Library put on by the Government’s Office of Economic Recovery.  It is open to the public.