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Commissioners discuss cell phone use

by Larry Patrick

WALSENBURG- The Huerfano County Commissioners are advising citizens to register their cell phones with dispatch services to receive Reverse 911 calling. Cell phone numbers usually don’t show up on emergency calls to dispatch which can assist residents in need. With more and more people relying on cell phones and dropping land line phones in their homes, it is important that people get their cell phone numbers registered with the dispatch center for safety’s sake. The number is 719-738-1180. Your phone number shows up to the dispatch center if you are using a standard land line phone from your home or business.

    The 911 budget was approved by the commissioners. The total budget is about $1,000 higher than this years budget.

   The commissioners reappointed Bob Northrup to the Board of Adjustment and Max Vezzani to the Regional Building Authority Board. Richard Watts was approved for another 6 year term on the La Veta Cemetery District. The commissioners voted to re-advertise for positions on the Tourism Board. Carolyn Newman and Edi Flanigan have expressed interest. There are 3 openings. Commissioners wanted to wait on appointments for the Tourism Board to see if they can get an additional application and appoint everyone at once.

    The November mail-in ballot numbers were very good prompting the Huerfano County Clerks Office to recommend that upcoming elections be held the same way. It is much cheaper than setting up polling locations and paying people to man them. A resolution will be forthcoming for the commissioners to consider.

    The Spanish Peaks Daycare requested help from the county in moving from their current location on W. 7th Street to the building they purchased. The Tioga building, located behind the Spanish Peaks Library was purchased by the daycare center. Help is needed with moving playground equipment and equipment located inside the daycare center. Commissioners wanted to check on availability of crews and costs before approving the request.

   Soft drink junkies received bad news. Pepsi is raising the cost in their vending machines for a bottle of pop from $1.25 to $1.50 at the courthouse and other locations.

   Costello Corporation received approval of a contract to maintain the new weather operating system at the airport. Monthly maintenance will be around $500 per month.

    Commissioners were to meet with the Walsenburg City Council and administration Wednesday afternoon on discussions of the county taking over management of the Walsenburg Police Department. This is the first formal discussion to see if beneficial opportunities are available for both the city and the county. No decision will be forthcoming until January at the earliest.