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Cell Tower meeting fizzles

by Brian Orr

WALSENBURG- The public hearing on Tuesday on the proposed 180 foot cell tower to improve cell phone reception in La Veta came to abrupt halt less than five minutes of its beginning, when La Veta resident Doug Brgoch took the stand to tell the assembled Planning and Zoning Comission and Commissioners, that as an adjecent property owner to the proposed project, he was not officially informed, as required by law.

    Mickey Villella, representing Subcarrier Communications, Inc., told the authorities that he had sent a certified letter to Dennis Brgoch, Doug’s brother about the project.  Close, but not good enough, Brgoch stated. “The statute is very clear,” he said.  The actual property owner had to be notified, not just a close relative.  Brgoch then asked the panel to postpone the hearing until he was officially notified of the project.The Com-                               

missioners huddled up for

ing Brgoch’s request, and asked if that was really his request.  Brgoch replied it was their decision, but if the hearing continued, there would be “a negative defect in the process.”

    Steve Channel, representing the County then announced that the hearing would be postponed, and that the Planning and Zoning Committee would be meeting on August 26 to set a new public hearing date.

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