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Rope-a-dope soap

by David High I recently received an email from a friend of mine who had an unsettling story about his vacation that I feel obligated

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Dance, dance, dance

by David High My 12-year-old nephew Matthew has started going to dance parties. Only what seems like weeks ago he was this little boy riding

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The painful truth

by David High Is exercise really necessary for most people? And, even more importantly, will it get you the perfect body you have always wanted?

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The Cowboy Way

by Baxter Black A good cowboy will go beyond the call of duty and even put himself in harm’s way to help a suffering beast.

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by Baxter Black The big boy land developers hired them a worn out hack To go and buy the water rights off farmers down the

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Animal Bonding

 by Baxter Black Today there is an increased recognition of the bonding process between man and animals.  Pets are now referred to in politically correct

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