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Building your dream home

HUERFANO- Managing a successful building project requires planning, resources and structure. Equity Building Consulting will partner with you. Mike has over twenty years of building experience and Judy has over ten years of construction contracting. Their goal is to help you organize and supervise your project .

Equity Building Consulting will bring you industry-best practices with a focus on improving your bottom line by reducing general contracting costs and giving you control over contracting decisions. In the initial consultation, they will discuss land, plans, timelines and construction finance. They will also develop a budget with you to make sure the project fits your financial expectations. At different stages of the project, they will have valuable advice to offer based on their experience and expertise.

Planning— They will put you in touch with the right loan officer and architectural firm and help you get the permits in place.

Resources— Equity Building Consulting carries significant buying power with a network of subcontractors and suppliers, with a proven program to save you, the owner-builder, 20 to 40 percent on supplies and materials.

Structure— From specifications to scheduling to quality control, their system helps you get the most home for your money.

As your ongoing partner, Equity Building Consultants helps you protect your investment and proceed with confidence through every phase of the project. They give you the information and the coaching to do the job like a professional builder. With your energy and their system, you will have substantial equity the day you move in.

Mike and Judy chose the name Equity Building Consulting because, as an owner-builder, that is exactly what you do… you build equity instantly while you build your home. If you want to use a proven system to build your dream home and have equity the day you move-in, give them a call at 719-550-4758 or visit them on the web at