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Albano announces commission candidacy

WALSENBURG – Most everyone knows me as Deputy Joe Albano. Soon, I’d also like to be known as Commissioner Joe Albano.
As a Huerfano County Deputy Sheriff, I have protected and served the citizens of our county and will continue to do so. I enjoy helping others and solving problems that occur. This will continue even after I am voted in as your new county commissioner serving District One.
The Colorado Secretary of State’s office has been contacted Albano
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as well as the Huerfano County Attorney to assure no conflict of interest will occur when I am voted in as county commissioner while maintaining my current position as deputy sheriff. I am not willing to give up my position as deputy sheriff due to the face that I enjoy what I do, and the confidence and faith that the citizens have in me.
Before I was your deputy sheriff, I was a school teacher in Jefferson County schools for 14-years, holding a bachelor’s degree, and two associate degrees in math, higher education and vocational building trades. I have also held positions with liaison committees solving personnel and site issues, mentor to new teachers and finance committees establishing budgets and distribution accounts.
I hold credentials and completion certificates in Colorado POST (certified peace officer), firefighter one and two, incident command, arson investigation, fire science, hazardous materials, extrication, CPR, first aid, criminal justice, aircraft firefighting, ship firefighting, structural building collapse, search and rescue and others as well as emergency medical technician (EMT).
I bring a lot of experience to our area, as I managed large groups of people. And in doing so, I feel confident in representing the citizens of our county.
My goal is not to reinvent the wheel, but to make it run smoother. I hear you. I know some of what you want. Let me know more so I can help. I’ll look at the county budget and propose changes. One advantage I have is, as a current employee of the county, I see what needs to be changed.
I work for you the citizens, not the other way around. I am unaffiliated, as I am not a politician, just a working man for the working man.
Thank you for the opportunity to pursue this.