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A more effective school day

by Jennifer Parker

LA VETA- La Veta High School changed their schedule this year to seven class periods, but the consensus seems to be that the Seventh hour is not as effective as originally hoped for.  Teacher Bree Lesser, who helped to develop the plan last school year, is now trying to tweak the schedule so that everyone benefits.  Lesser stated, “Seventh hour is great for the athletes because they get to be home an hour earlier.”  But a change will be looked at for the rest of the students who may not feel that they are getting all that they need.  Lesser has come up with an “Action Research Project” that will help to address the schedule with feedback.  Students will be filling out a questionnaire while Lesser will meet with teachers one-on-one.  School Board President Ed Smith requested that the questionnaire also include questions such as “How can we improve the school?”  He is interested in keeping everyone happy and striving for the best within the district.

    The Regional Science Fair in La Junta showed that students from La Veta are keeping up with the competition.  All 13 students placed, while many won numerous awards and other prizes. 

    The main concern for the evening was the issue of the Garland Street Project.  Many Board members felt that the town might not be fully understanding as to why the project is warranted.  Sam Law commented on the fact that La Veta is trying to be on the cutting edge of new improvements.  This plan is for the benefit of the school, students and teachers, not just for an aesthetic value.

Kenny Schneider would like to present the town with a 3-D picture of the project so that the vision is more apparent.

    Superintendent Dave Seaney, will be writing a neutral letter to the town explaining the entire project; why the school is asking for it and where the money will be coming from.

    Spanish teacher Jose Girgado resigned and has already left.  Gloria Eggert will be teaching the class for the rest of the year. 

    The next regular meeting is scheduled for March 9th at 6:30 pm.