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4-H and motorcycle races

by Larry Patrick

WALENBURG-   The Huerfano County Commissioners will attempt to settle a rift between the 4-H Fair Board and the Stockgrowers Association in the county over the use of the facilities in La Veta.  Dave Stroh, president of the Stockgrower’s says he has been denied use of the arena for his bucking bull events.  Stroh contends that the facility should not be controlled by the 4-H board.

    The Commissioners looked at some documents and believe that the 4-H has the right to use the facility but not control it.  That control lies with the County since the land was given to them by the City of Walsenburg several years ago, negating a 99 year lease with the 4-H.  Stroh would like to see the facility be run by a management group who would lease the facility for various events like rodeos, concerts and meetings along with 4-H activities.  Max Vezzani will try to set up a meeting with the Commissioners, 4-H Fair Board and the Stockgrowers to discuss the matter and see what solutions could be found in settling this issue.

    A motion by Commissioner Roger Cain, died for a lack of second on allowing 350 motocross riders to hold an event on private property in Huerfano County.  Wayne Intermill, president of the Pike Peak Enduro Club asked for permission to use a couple of miles of county road for the motorbikes to cross from one landowner’s place to another’s in order to hold the event.  Intermill said it would bring people to Huerfano County who would eat and stay at Walsenburg businesses and have a positive economic impact on the area for a weekend.  However, concerns were voiced by area landowners regarding the use of county roads and the environmental impact on the land, and the plan was denied by the planning and zoning board.  

    Accordingly, the Commissioners did not bring the matter to a vote, which effectively denied the group permission to hold the event locally.