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Youth brings gun to Peakview school

by Brian Orr

WALSENBURG- A 14 year-old male was arrested on the Peakview school campus Tuesday morning after another student reported to faculty that he had a gun.

    The police were called, a pellet handgun found and confiscated, and the youth transported to the police station downtown.  He was suspended from school while an investigation occurs, with expulsion the probable outcome.

    The District Attorney is believed to be filing charges in the incident.  Police sources  say the toy gun was very realistic-looking, and could easily be mistaken as real by students or police.

    It is not known if the youth threatened anyone with the toy gun, or if he was displaying it, or if he felt he needed it for protection.

    Sources familiar with the youth and his family say they were planning to move away from the area prior to the incident.

    School Superintendent Michael Doyle, when contacted on Tuesday, said the investigation was just beginning, and it was too soon to comment in depth on the incident.

    “There are school board policies, plus state and federal laws we have to follow, so this will all happen according to a schedule,” Doyle said.