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WPD crime statistics released for Feb. 2012

by Eric Mullens
WALSENBURG — Walsenburg Police Chief James Chamberlain has released local crime statistics for the second month of the year.
The statistics were provided to city council members in their agenda packages for their last meeting.
The report showed six assaults, three harassment complaints and one entry each for sexual assault and stalking in the Crimes Against People section.
There were three domestic violence assaults and one harassment charge associated with domestic violence in February 2012.
No crimes against children were reported last month.
In crimes against property the chief reported four burglaries, six criminal mischief complaints, six cases of theft under $500 and one each in the categories of theft over $500 and trespassing.
In financial and identity theft crimes there were one case each of check fraud and counterfeit currency and two cases of identity theft in February.
In the category of Offenses Against Public Order there were eight warrant arrests, two cases of individuals throwing missiles at vehicles, two cases of resisting arrest and one each of protection order violations and assault on a peace officer.
In drug and alcohol related offenses, there were two DUI/DUID cases, one case each of possession/distribution of drugs, possession of paraphernalia and theft of prescription drugs. There were two cases of possession of marijuana reported in February.
There were only two cases involving juvenile offenders last month; one of assault and one warrant arrest.
There were no municipal ordinance violations included in the report.
Animal control reported one case each of nuisance animals, dog at large and vicious dog/dog bite and four instances of a warning to owner following a complaint.
In the traffic violation category there were 13 speeding citations, nine traffic accidents, four hit and run accident cases, three parking violations, two cases of failure to report an accident to authorities and one case each of abandoned vehicle, careless-reckless driving, operator’s license violation, insurance violation, and non-speeding moving violation.