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Wonder Woman

by Carol Stevens

Gardner– Super heroes cannot compare with Diana Cupps.  Cupps recently completed EMT training classes while working at Gardner School and weekends at Papa Joe’s General Store and as a volunteer firefighter for Upper Huerfano Fire Protection District.  Cupps is also raising a family.  The training classes, held at American Medical Response (AMR) ambulance in Pueblo, began in October 2008.  The course runs three to four months and was offered through St. Mary Corwin Medical Center.  Huerfano Ambulance paid for the training.  Cupps graduated as an EMT B+, March 13, 2009.

    When asked what compelled her to become an EMT, Cupps’ response was, “That’s funny!  They asked the very same question at the beginning of training.”  Cupps felt inspired every time an EMT call went out because she felt helpless, knowing she couldn’t do anything but watch.  With only two other EMT’s for the fire district, Cupps was motivated to become a third.

    It’s no easy task taking these courses.  Along with the EMT basic class, there were I.V. classes, emergency room rotations, and ride-alongs in the ambulance.  Cupps said, “It came easy, only hard.” At the beginning of training, 20 people had signed up for the course, and these whittled down to 17.  By the end of the course, only 15 graduated.

    Cupps feels amazed and proud to be graduating from the course.  She feels more knowledgeable.  If anyone is interested in taking the course, AMR will be holding new classes soon. Contact the business office for AMR at 545-1226 for more information.

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