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Wind Farm test approved

by Larry Patrick

WALSENBURG- The Huerfano County Commissioners had a very short agenda on Wednesday, and at the top was approval of a conditional use permit for Airstream Energy. They requested a 197 foot tower be put up on Lewis Edmundson’s property on Hwy 10 to test the site for a wind farm.  Kenton Epard said his firm wants to test the site for at least two years to get a good reading on the possibility of developing a wind farm.

    The Commissioners voted to return $1700 to Manish Patel for a building permit issued for Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Because the area is now annexed to the city, the City of Walsenburg will issue their own permit. The county kept $250 for the work they had done on the site before the property was annexed.

    On a side note, the county clerks office says voters can stop by their office in the courthouse or go on-line to ask for a mail-in ballot.  This year’s ballot is extremely long and voters can opt to have it mailed so they have more time to go over the ballot issues instead of voting in person and waiting in line.