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Wind Farm revenue

by Larry Patrick


   Energy Unlimited of California requested a letter of support from the Huerfno County Commissioners for their application for a wind farm on the eastern border of the county. While spokesmen admitted they haven’t had things pre-approved by the County, an opportunity has surfaced that allows their firm to build a wind farm to provide 700 megawatts of power to Public Service. The land to build the 150-200 wind turbines are available, the turbines are available and the project could bring up to 3 million dollars in tax revenue to Huerfano County. Energy Unlimited said they had the transmission lines available to make the project work and wouldn’t have problems crossing the available land. The Commissioners agreed to have a letter drafted for their consideration with no promises  made.

   The Water Conservancy Board of Colorado made a presentation on in-stream flow rights that may affect parts of the Huerfano and Cucharas Rivers in the County. How the program is administered and why was explained by board members present. The Division of Wildlife has requested three in-stream flow water rights this year that are being considered.

   Stage 1 fire restrictions were put into effect by the County.

Commissioners are asking for no ditch burning for this year to prevent fires.  

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