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Win $250 this Christmas!

HUERFANO-  Would $250 help you out this Christmas?  It could buy a lot of Christmas joy here in the county.

    The Huerfano Journal wants to spread some of that joy with our new game; Bill-Free Christmas.

    Here is how to play our new game.  On page two of each issue, from now until Dec. 15, there will a picture of seven presents under a Christmas tree.   In each box write down how much money you would like to spend with each merchant.  You must spend a minimum of $25 with each, but can spend more with others as long as it adds up to $250.           Clip this coupon out of the paper and mail or bring it to our office at 500 Main Street in Walsenburg each Tuesday by 4 pm.  Each week we will draw a lucky winner’s name who will win a $25 gift certificate from a participating merchant. 

    Each week’s winner will go into a drawing for the grand prize of $250 in Journal Bucks to be used at participating merchants stores.  Start playing and have a happier Holiday!­