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Wiggins appointed director for District B

By Jaye Sudar

WALSENBURG- The meeting began with the swearing in of the new board members, Sandi Dotter and Elisha Meadows.  This was followed by the board voting to accept the appointment of Cindy Wiggins as Director of District B.  Cindy Wiggins was sworn in moments after the vote.  The new board officers are: Erin Jerant, President; Diego Bobian, Vice President; Arthur Ortiz, Treasurer.  Sandi Dotter was appointed the CASB Legislative Representative and Yulanda Valerio the BOCES Representative.

    President Jerant took over the meeting and after thanking the former board members Jackson, Duran and Downey for their services and efforts for the district, went on to the business at hand.  A discussion was held concerning getting information to the public.  Board policies were an example, and it was brought up that the best venues for information other than the school a student may attend are the district office or website.  Board policies, especially updated policies as well as event schedules can be found at the District website:

    Flu shots for the H1N1 strain will be started in the District Dec. 1. More information about the shots will be delivered through the individual schools.

    Peakview reported that 1st graders will visit the Veteran′s Nursing home on Wednesday for a sing-a- long.  The holiday program will be Dec. 8. Literature night will be Dec. 10.

    John Mall had 12 out of 158 parental surveys returned.  The data will be presented to the board at a later date.  The PTO, Accountability and Booster Club meetings are all to be held on November 16th, starting at 5 pm.  Advisory class is being altered to provide tutoring to students to improve CSAP and ACT scores.  Changes are being made to the schedule to accommodate better music services between John Mall and Gardner.  Dec. 10 is Empty Bowl Night and their holiday program is Dec. 14.  The O & E school is down to seventeen students and the Gifted and Talented program is on task.

    Gardner school had a very successful Book Fair that brought in $2890 as well as books for the school.  Student council elections went well and basketball season has started.  November 19th is the One Room School House with a theme of “Before Electricity”. RSVP′s are appreciated if you intend to eat lunch at school that day.  Their holiday program will be Dec. 15 at 6:30pm.

    Toni Brgoch brought the board up to date on the budget and discussed that there would be cuts from the state.  The District is down 54 students from last year which lowers the budget.  $97,000 given by the state earlier this year must be returned because of state budget cuts.  Every district in the state is having to return funds.  Superintendent Doyle mentioned that grants are still outstanding and that the District is applying for all that they can.

    The football field and adjoining facilities are still under construction.  Other action items included first readings on seven board policies, acceptance of the Title II D Technology grant, additions to the substitute cook list, approval of a resolution authorizing banking changes, the closing on the Tioga sale, and the disposal of the old score board.  Members of the board were advised to attend the December CASB conference held in Colorado Springs.