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Water park opening delayed

by Larry Patrick
WALSENBURG- The opening of Walsenburg Wild Waters is delayed because of a large hole in a pipe that helps to heat the water. The problem was caused by rust. It’s not known if small amounts of water & chemicals remaining in the pipes caused the rupture or if aging was the culprit. The pipe is part of the heating circulating element that heats water as it goes through.
The problem was noticed late last week as plans were made to fill the pools. It’s an expensive part, approximately $7,000, and has to be ordered from Indianapolis. How long it takes to get here and install will determine when the WWW will open for the season. After the repair, it will take an additional one or two days to get the water warm enough for the public to use.
The city cancelled an early opening this week when schools would have brought kids on end-of-the-year outings. It is hoped that the water park can open sometime this Memorial Day weekend so that it will not lose an entire major holiday weekend in revenue. If the part doesn’t get here in time, the opening could be delayed until next week. Readers can check our Facebook page for the latest update on the opening.
The city of Walsenburg hired Jennie Sims to be the WWW manager this season. She has worked at the water park for three of the past four years as a lifeguard. Lifeguards and concession workers have also been hired.
Walsenburg Wild Waters is again slated to be open Thursday through Sunday this summer. The overall expenses can be reduced with the shorter schedule.
Passes are now available for purchase from City Hall. Prices are $60 for 20 entries into the water park or daily passes can be purchased. The 20 entries can be one person entering 20 times or any combination of family or friends using the same pass with each individual counting separately as an entry that day.