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Water line repairs completed near Black Diamond subdivision

by Eric Mullens
WALSENBURG — A mult-week water line repair project off of Hwy. 160 west, was finished this week with minimal disruption of water delivery service or pressure to city water users.
Tuesday, Walsenburg City Administrator Dave Johnston said, “ The repairs on the two water transmission lines adjacent to the Black Diamond subdivision have been completed and normal water pressure has been restored to the city”.
Leaks had occurred on the two water transmission lines that bring treated water from the water treatment plant to city residents. The repairs included removal and replacement of approximately 60-100 linear feet of pipe on each of the two 12” diameter transmission lines. The challenge in this part of the process was that the two lines are conjoined with a bypass link that was also leaking. Because the bypass serves no useful purpose, it was not replaced.
Repairs continued this past weekend beginning at about 2 pm Saturday. Johnston said, “At that time, final field preparation such as trenching, pipe construction, light installation, etc. will begin.” Around 5 pm Saturday, valves in various locations in the city were be adjusted in an effort to maintain water pressure to all parts of Walsenburg while the line repairs are being completed. The water source for the city was shifted to the tank on Capitol Hill. Water lines around the city were then re-pressurized and various hydrants around the city were “flushed” to remove air from the system. After successful completion of all associated tasks, the water source for Walsenburg was shifted back to the water treatment plant.

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