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Water emergency over for Gardner

By Carol Dunn

HUERFANO- During its regular monthly meeting, the Huerfano County Water Conservancy District was able to close the first chapter on the Gardner water crisis, which erupted several months ago as the State clamped down on the use of its wells for residential water in the absence of a valid augmentation plan.  According to Jim Felt, the Water Conservancy District’s attorney, the Rule 14 Plan covering the Gardner Water and Sanitation District and Paradise Acres Homeowners Association has been fully submitted to the office of Steve Witte, Division 2 Water Engineer, and is awaiting approval. 

    The next chapter involves the filing of a substitute water supply plan for Malachite Spring Trust and Huerfano County, two more water consumers which need augmentation plans.  

    The finalized augmentation lease agreement will be mailed soon to the two entities covered by the Rule 14 Plan, along with an invoice for the first year’s lease.  The Gardner District and Paradise Acres HOA will be paying $2500 per acre-foot of water per year under the 5 year lease.