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Waste transfer station near opening

by Larry Patrick

WALSENBURG- The Waste transfer station is scheduled to open next Wed., May 20, for residents of Huerfano County.  The facility, located near the prison, will accept bagged trash, tires, appliances, electronics and yard waste.  Costs are $3 per bag of trash and varied per cubic yard charges on loose household waste, construction debris and hard waste.  Tires, mattresses and electronic components cost $6 each to dispose of.  Appliances are $10 for disposal although refrigerators and freezers must have doors removed and evacuated of freon and tagged by a certified professional.  Hours of operation will be Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9-4.

    The pipeline project slated to go through Huerfano County will be delayed by about 6 months.

    County Road and Bridge revenues are at 26%, lower than expected.  However, the summer represents the three busiest months for revenue which should bring the percentage up.

    Comanche Springs landowners will have address changes for their area, County Road 112 will become Comanche Springs Road.  Each property must have specific addresses to assist fire and ambulance personnel in finding them.