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Walsenburg seeking volunteers for Historic Preservation Board, applications due January 4

courtesy Gaye Davis
WALSENBURG — The City of Walsenburg is seeking two additional volunteers to serve on a Historical Preservation Board authorized with the approval of Ordinance 1067 establishing a Certified Local Government.   The five member board is charged with developing criteria for the review and designation of historic resources, to review and determine qualifications for properties for designation as either an historic structure, site, or district, to conduct surveys of potential historic sites or properties, and to develop and assist with public education programs that relate specifically to historical preservation.

The two board positions will serve a four year term.  Meetings are conducted a minimum of four times a year but may meet more frequently to fulfill the responsibilities of the board.

To be eligible for appointment, individuals must have either a professional background in preservation related disciplines such as, architecture, landscape architecture, architectural history, archaeology, history, planning, American studies, American civilization, cultural geography, or cultural anthropology, or be a property/business owner known as a “stakeholder.”  A “stakeholder” is a person who owns property or a business within the municipal limits of the City of Walsenburg.  There is an opportunity for an interested person to serve in an at-large capacity if they do not meet stakeholder or professional requirements.  Members do not have to live within the City limits.

Citizens interested in serving on the Historic Preservation Board can pick up applications and an outline of board responsibilities and requirements by contacting the City Clerk.   Applications with a letter of interest must be returned to City Hall by Monday, Jan. 4th.  Applicants will be reviewed with recommendations on membership submitted to the City Council for approval at the council meeting scheduled for mid February.  Interested parties are encouraged to contact the current board by email at: