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Walsenburg History for Feb 18, 2010


1909: An insane man from Rouse hung himself in the basement of the courthouse where he was interned.

1913: The entire high school was shaken up when a gasoline burner in the chemistry room exploded.

1922: Sam Hand, who murdered his neighbor near Rattlesnake Buttes over a boundary dispute, escaped from the county jail.

1930: Fire swept the interior of the Castle Coal Company on West Fifth late Thursday.  The building is owned by the Huerfano Agency Company, dealers for Gordon Coal Company whose mine was swept by fire Jan. 26 causing $40,000 damage.

1934: The KKK donated $100 to the Methodist, Baptist and Community churches.

1938: Model Cleaners, next to Lamme Hospital,, has been reorganized with Joe Dratter superintending the cleaning department, Rose Baca, silk spotter, Margaret Valko, bookkeeper and J.F. Espander Sr., tailor.

1943: The local Ahepa Greek Lodge announced that up to date, the organization has sold a total of $63,125 in war bonds.  Gus Cholakos, president, says the goal is $75,000 and the contest ends Feb. 27.

1948: The hermit C.G. Morris, known as The Snake Man, was found dead in his one-room shack seven miles northwest of Walsenburg.

1953: St. Mary Auditorium was filled beyond capacity Saturday night as the Harlem Globetrotters defeated the Santi Oilers 66-46 before an audience of fans roaring with laughter.

1958: Plaza de los Leones was built around John Albert’s fort which was adjacent to Sporleder Hotel, host to General William Palmer, Territorial Governor A.C. Hunt and Helen Hunt Jackson.

1964: Candidates for Sweetheart Queen at Walsenburg High School are Mona Stinson, Bea Kelley and Gay Faris.

1970: Fox Theater: Elvis Presley and Mary Tyler Moore in “Change of Habit” plus “The War Wagon” with John Wayne and Kirk Douglas.

1977: Chicken Bucket, 12 pieces, $5.85.  Western Cafe.