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Walsenburg gives ‘Seal of Approval” on new slide

WALSENBURG- The Walsenburg City Council unanimouslt approved adding a new slide to Walsenburg Wild Waters at their Tuesday night meeting.  The new slide will be shaped like a seal balancing a ball on its nose, and will set off from the other slide complex.  It will weigh 350 pounds, and slide into a part of the pool where the depth is three feet.

    On more serious water issues, the Council voted to hire  the Applegate Group to engineer and possibly be the ones to install a new valve on Martin Lake.  The price on the contract is unknown, as there are too many variables at this time to accuritely quote, which prompted two board members to vote against the contract.  To replace the valve, the city would have to either, A- drain the lake completely, which would take almost a year, B- build a coffer dam around the valve area, or C- send in divers to do the work.

    Edi Flanagan of the Public Works Committee called for the beginning of a comprehensive water plan for Walsenburg, to begin to figure out just exactly what water rights does the City have, and how to protect them in the future.  The City will put out a Request For Quote on this job soon.

    Interim City Administrator Lew Quigley reported there were 25 applications in for the position of City Administrator.  He asked Council members to review the applications, as well as staff and department heads.  Everyone would then list their top five choices and those would be contacted for phone and personal interviews.  Quigley said if the Council could hold to this timetable, they could have someone in place by mid-April.

    After reviewing and changing Ordinance 982, which effects licence fees for local businesses, the Council passed the measure, with the Walsenburg Chamber of Commerce’s blessing.  The Council also passed Resolution 2009 R-1, which appropriates addditional money to defray expenses in excess of amounts budgeted.

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