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Walsenburg City Council looks to fill vacancy

by Brian Orr

WALSENBURG- The Walsenburg City Council received two applications Tuesday night to fill the vacated City Council position for Ward III.  Nancy Lave, a shopowner in Walsenburg, and David Mockmore, former director of Re-1 School District, both expressed interest in serving.  Lave was present Tuesday night, but Mockmore was unable to attend.  As both of the candidates seem eager and qualified,  the Council will interview them both at the next meeting in October, and then choose between them.

    Martin Landers of Plan Tools walked the Council through an hour’s review of the draft Comprehensive Plan, which will help guide Walsenburg for the next 20 years. The Council then adopted the resolution accepting the plan.   The Council also established zoning districts in the newly added Northlands, approved paving a select number of streets, putting the City’s pastures up for lease and approved renewing the liquor license for Kay’s Liquor.

    The Council  listened to City Clerk John Zgut read the Treasurer’s report, and then fired off a barrage of questions, ranging from questioning overtime reports from various city departments- or in some cases, the lack of overtime reports.  Councilman James England asked City Administrator Eric Pearson about a report that Aguilar residents pay less for their gas than do Walsenburg residents.  Pearson was quick to point out that Walsenburg does indeed sell gas to the City of Aguilar, but not directly to its citizens.  The City of Aguilar sells the gas, and sets the price that it sells it for, be it higher or lower than Walsenburg’s.

    Councilwoman Erin Jerant asked Pearson to arrange a meeting with the City’s Finance Director Krystal Vigil, to explain some report irregularities. “I can’t see anywhere here whether the pool made or lost money this season,” Jerant exclaimed. “Uh; it lost money…” Pearson said.  “How much?” Jerant asked.  Pearson then came up to the council podium to point out the figure to her, which she read out loud- “eighteen thousand dollars.”

    Councilman Bruce Quintana, who heads the pool committee, then told the Council the pool is ready to undergo winterization, and that the committee is looking at funding a new snack shack for next season.  “A cool one,” Jerant added.  As a safety measure it was also noted that all the locks to Walsenburg Wild Waters will be changed out.

    Bill Downey, the Parade Chairman for the Walsenburg Parade of Lights, asked the Council to again sponsor the annual event.  He told them that this year’s theme was Winter Fun in Colorado.  The parade will be held, as always, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Nov. 28 at 6 pm.  The Council unanimously approved the sponsorship, and thanked Downey for his 15 years of spearheading the parade.