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Walsenburg City Council irked by I.G.A.

by Brian Orr

WALSENBURG- The Walsenburg City Council met Tuesday evening without the counsel and advice of City Administrator Eric Pearson, who is on vacation.

    The Council delayed action on an Intergovernmental Agreement on dispatch services for emergency calls between Walsenburg, the County and the Town of La Veta.  Councilman Lou Taylor, head of the Safety Committee, said he wanted to see La Veta “get moving” on their end of the agreement, and was echoed by Mayor Edi Sheldon, who said, “It’s about time for La Veta to come to the table with money, or do their own dispatch system.”

    Tom Cave of Accurate Engi-Surv brought to the Council a full-color, spiral bound, notated list of properties around Walsenburg that were what he considered eyesores.  There are a lot of them.  Ranging from trash overflowing off porches to rusting cars parked on lawns to general decay, Cave talked of how these properties were dragging down the town as a whole, and cited the “broken windows” theory of dealing with urban decay:  A building with broken windows will attract more breakage and vandalism.  A building that has its broken windows replaced quickly is much less likely to attract criminals and squatters.  “Petty crime can be deterred, and major crime prevented,” Cave said.  He strongly encouraged the Council to make a plan and establish priorities.  Several members of the Council voiced their agreement with Cave, while noting the City has been acting on these problem properties for a while now.

    In other business, the Council agreed to look into assisting Spanish Peaks Daycare with funding until their enrollment increases.

    A financial glitch was noted at Walsenburg Wild Waters, regarding 193 transactions which occured last year, totaling $3,601.58.

    The Council raised the deposit fees on utility hookups to $250, payable over two months.

    The City will award Police Sergeant James Chamberlain with the Walsenburg Mayor and Council Award, before he ships off to Iraq this month.

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