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Voter registration deadline nears

by Larry Patrick

HUERFANO- People who want to have a say in this year’s elections need to make sure they are eligible to vote.  Numerous people think they are registered but their records are not up to date.  Here’s what you need to do before the Oct. 5th deadline to get updated.

•  If you have moved since you last voted, you need an address update.

•  If you have married and changed your name and/or address, you need to have your records updated before Oct. 5th.

•  If you have moved to this area from another location in the state or country, you need to register in this county, if you want to vote here.

•  If you have not registered to vote and want to be able to, you need to register at the County Clerks Office at the Huerfano County Courthouse by Oct. 5th.  There is no cost to do so.

•  If you are not sure if your voting registration is correct, check it out by Oct. 5th.

•  If you have voted in the past and nothing has changed from the above, you should be fine.

    Why would you want to vote in the upcoming election on Nov. 3rd?  There are a number of candidates running for local office and several issues that may be of concern to you.

•  A new mayor will be elected for Walsenburg. You can decide who that will be.

•  All of the city council seats are up for election in Walsenburg.  There are 4 candidates in Ward 4 with two openings.  If you live in Ward 4, you have decisions to make.

•  There is a school board election coming up.

•  There is the issue of whether to do away with term limits for County Commissioners in Huerfano County.  Currently, commissioners are limited to two terms of 4 years.  If lifted, they can run as often as they care to. You have a say in this if registered to vote.

•  A 1% tax is to be voted on to fund emergency services in Huerfano County, specifically dispatch services.  You will decide this or have it decided for you depending on whether you vote.

•  The City of Walsenburg is asking that the City Clerk’s position become appointed instead of voted upon by the people.

    You will decide the above issues or sit back and let others decide them for you.  Many of the hardworking people running for office are wanting and needing your vote.  If you want to help someone get elected, you need to be registered to vote and then make sure that you do vote.  Mail-in voting will be available again for the upcoming election as well as absentee ballots for those that plan to be out of town.

    There have been a lot of close elections on candidates and issues in the recent past.  Your vote does count and makes a difference.  So remember that Oct. 5th is the deadline to register or make changes to your current registration to be eligible to vote.

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