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Vigil resigns as Finance Director

by Larry Patrick

WALSENBURG- The often beleagured Finance Director for the city of Walsenburg has resigned.  Krystel Vigil announced she was stepping down last Wednesday, making Thursday her last day.  She had enough vacation and sick time available to leave immediately.

    Vigil felt she had been put under undue scrutiny by the Mayor and some members of the city council and the City Treasurer.  She said her health was suffering because of constant interference in doing her job.  In a letter handed out several weeks ago at the end of a city council meeting, Vigil said she was filing a grievance against the city council and in particular, Councilwoman Erin Jerant and City Treasurer Jacque Sikes for undo harassment.  The letter stated that she was under a doctor’s care for an ulcer.  Apparently her grievance, in itself, has no legal standing as it did not deal with issues of race, color or creed.

    Vigil says she has been very dedicated and hard working in dealing with the city troubled finances.  She assisted the new auditor in completing his audit before she resigned.  The previous auditor and others have praised her for bringing the city’s books into much better condition since she began as city Finance Director.

    However, Mayor Bruce Quintana, Treasurer Sikes and some city council members were often at odds with her.  Often she was asked to provide substantial information to council members, and she says it put her behind in doing her regular work.  It often appeared the city council members didn’t understand her answers.  Some council members admitted they did not understand accounting procedures.

    The resignation of Vigil now opens the door for this city council to find someone to fill the position that is a full fledged accountant.  The search is expected to begin immediately.

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