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Vein Skate Park will be cleaned up

by Carol Dunn

LA VETA- Trustee Laurie Erwin told the La Veta Town Board at its meeting on June 15 that a group will be making renovations to the Vein Skatepark, adjacent to Town Park.  The graffiti will be painted over, two old portions of fence will be removed, new signs will be erected, and a new ramp will be built.  “They know who’s graffiting,” Erwin said, “and will have no problem reporting them to the Marshal once they get the park cleaned up.” 

    Mayor Don Keairns asked the water and sewer committee to look into electronic meter reading after learning that another water user has complained about a high water bill, and that his meter had not been read in eight months.  Trustee Dawn Blanken asked, “Why weren’t the meters being read?”  Keairns added, “It’s an issue we need to address.”  From the audience, Ron Andreas told the Board that a number of communities are reporting that they are not satisfied with electronic meter reading, although Davis said both Cuchara and Walsenburg are using such a system. 

Kearins gave an update on the Mexican Ditch water case.  Verbally Walsenburg is satisfied that all their concerns were corrected in the decree; Cuchara has removed their objection; Corsentino Dairy has verbally agreed not to object; Dr. Charles Briggs had concerns about return flows, but he has removed his opposition with a stipulation.  Keairns said, “It doesn’t look like we’re going to have to go to trial at this point,” and projected this would save the Town up to $10,000.

    Jesse Yarbrough told the trustees that the Francisco Fort Board recommends hiring Rena Kaplowitz and Nancy Christofferson to share the job of running the gift shop.  Since both started work on May 29, the Board voted to make the hiring retroactive.  The Board approved a $400 petty cash fund for Museum supplies that cannot be billed to the Town.  Town Clerk Nancy Culbreath suggested the Museum purchase a credit card swipe machine at $285 now that the $31 per month lease has expired. 

    Trustee Dale Davis reported that the Town’s attorney has not finished reviewing the proposed contract with DD Wireless and has suggested a temporary construction agreement so the broadband antenna project can proceed.  The final lease agreement would be signed at a later date.  Davis said Kent Mace is going to try to have the tower at the municipal airport property functional by June 19. 

    Trustee Larry Klinke reported that the Colorado Division of Oil & Public Safety has issued La Veta a “no further action required” letter subsequent to the removal of the two fuel tanks at the airport.  The letter related that minimal contamination was found. 

    The opening of the bids to do street pans was scrapped after Davis reported confusion between the dates that were published in The Signature versus what was stated in the bid package.  The Board agreed to go through the bidding process again, and will return the received bids unopened.  The following key dates were set: advertising on June 17 and 24; bid packets must be picked up by June 25; the walk-through will be held at 10:00 am on June 29; bids are due by 5:00 pm on July 2; and bids will be opened on July 6 during the Town Board meeting.

    The Board unanimously approved a 3% salary increase for Town employees as of July 1, 2010.  Blanken explained that the raises were deferred in January because the Board was waiting to see how the revenues were coming in.  Blanken said, “It isn’t the worst case scenario” the Board was anticipating.

    Culbreath related information on Tom Taylor’s complaint about his sewer line backup.  She said Rick Dunn did the research with the State Plumbing Board, and it has no record of a plumbing permit or inspection at the property.  Davis estimated that the sewer tap was installed in the 1960s. 

    The Board appointed Jerry Orrell as the seventh member of the Park and Tree Board. 

    Culbreath said no money has been received from the railroad for the lease on the office space, which was effective March 1, 2010.  Keairns said Matthew Abbott has been notified, and “it’s in the works.” 

Trustee resigns position

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