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UHFPD board meeting

by Carol Stevens

Gardner- On a cool, crisp November evening Christmas came early for the Upper Huerfano Fire Protection District (UHFPD).  Fire Chief Brian Sharp learned the department will be the recipient of a new tender, which is to be delivered later on this month. Budget concerns were the highlight of the meeting. The board made decisions on budget cuts, which will be approved at the next meeting.

    Chief Sharp was very pleased with the community turn out for the Halloween party, and commented that it will be an annual event for the children of Gardner.  Other community events held by UHFPD are the CPR classes.  At the last class, 15 seventh and eighth graders, along with five community residents attended. 

    Ruth Albano has re-applied to the department as a  fire fighter.  The application will be reviewed by the board, and discussed at the meeting next month.  Sharp mentioned an upcoming training to be held Jan. 17 and 18 at the Huerfano County Community Center.  This is planned for January17 and 18, then again on January 31 and February 1 2009. This will be covering Red Card (wild land training). The department had three calls, for the month of October.  Two reports of smoke investigation, which turned out to be unreported controlled trash burns, and one roll-over on Highway 69.  Chief Sharp was pleased to announce to the board that a command box has been completed and being implemented. Fire Fighter Diana Cupps has begun EMT classes.­

    The department has scheduled a controlled burn on Nov. 22, weather permitting.  This will be at the El Depot (Gardner dump).  There is a very large pile of wood that has not been disposed of.  The department will be pushing the pile to the middle of the dump, and setting it on fire for training.