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UFO over Walsenburg?

WALSENBURG-  On Aug. 19, at approximately 9:30 pm, Walsenburg resident Will Anderson spotted a “strange craft” in the sky as he was leaving a friend’s house, located on the eastern edge of Walsenburg.  Anderson described the craft as triangular in shape with a bubble shaped nose, seemingly lit from within, and larger than a jumbo jet.  He guesstimated it’s height to be at 30,000 feet, and moving around 500 miles per hour.

    He described the craft as “not FAA legal” with respect to its lighting.  There were bright navigation lights starboard and aft of the bubble, and other white lights at the rear of an isosceles triangle.  A red flashing belly lamp could also be seen.

    The entire sighting lasted three to five minutes.

    Anderson called to his friend, who came out of the house, and they both observed the craft as it headed in a southeastern direction.

    “I felt it was NOT alien… but maybe it was US R and D craft,” Anderson said.