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Two Older Women for August 7, 2008

    We all have heart warming family stories.  My “mission” is to encourage our people in Huerfano County to record family stories and family history.  Frequently, these stories are never written and part of our heritage is forever lost.  Our lives are busy; we “do not have time.” 

    This week we have combined the Musings and Mother’s Kitchen columns.  It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it follows that the history of a family can be recorded through lovingly recording family recipes and the stories that accompany them.

Just Finally Do It

WALSENBURG- Our friend, Judy McCutcheon, appears as an eternal Energizer bunny– filling minutes and hours with tasks of service.  Her evangelical zeal has amazed many Huerfano County citizens as they observe her in motion in the Salvation Army; Dorcas Circle; Circle of Hope African missions; creating quilts for babies, elders; love/prayer shawls; checking off camp attendees; luring Vacation Bible School children to the word of Christ; leading prison prayer ministries and transporting yarn and finished garments from the outside world to the prison crafters; and of course devoting time to her help/life-mate Mac and their home here in Walsenburg.

     Four years ago, Judy saw a need for a family history.  A glorious family reunion was coming up.  Some articles had been collected, and one cousin was bit into genealogy.  Someone needed to create a meaningful and lasting memento.    Judy “found” the time to create a family history book.  At “Judy speed” (which is fast and efficient), the project took two years.

     Judy solicited for additional articles from relatives, collected hundreds of photographs, learned the computer program Pagemaker (she was accomplished in needle and thread and guitar), but not desktop printing); and compiled an invaluable family book.  The Tautes: Our Tales, Our Tastes, and Our Tree, made a grand appearance at the 2006 Taute Family Reunion.

     Judy had some of the skills necessary to produce such a work, she learned new skills, she made time in her life for the project, and her faith and personal motivation pushed her ahead to complete a mighty task.

     The Taute book contains descriptions of Bernie and Minnie Taute and their six offsprings, one being Judy’s mother Sybil; stories of each; individual pictures, intriguing snapshots; descendants of the six; a family chart; relevant recipes with stories; and quips and quotes indicating the “flavor” of the Taute family.  The original homestead, depicted artistically, dons the ivory cover.

     Sometime ago, at a time management class, the teacher distributed colorful posters to each student.  “Just finally do it!” the posters stated.  Her risqué giggly remark, “You may use any F word you wish” was inappropriate and shocking enough that I remember that remark frequently as I start falling into procrastination.  I do use the word “finally,” and “Just do it” is just fine.  The time is there to be used; the time is now to “Just finally do it.”