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Trujillo is eliminated

Lorenzo Trujillo is eliminated from competition
By David Tesitor

Denver, CO. After a remarkable first round yesterday, the tide quickly changed for John Mall’s Lorenzo Trujillo, a junior with a season record of 22-18. In his quarter final consolation match-up, Trujillo fell to Luke Davis of Fleming 6-0. It was a competitive first period as both men wrestled in the upright position, with neither gaining any advantage. It was a time to size up their opponent. Davis took Trujillo to the mat and was attempting to wear out the big man, scoring the first points of the match on a takedown. Trujillo attempted an escape, but Davis held onto the leg and control of the match. He scored two points for the near fall.
In the third period, Trujillo mounted a comeback, controlling the match and wearing out Davis. He could not turn over the big man and allowed an escape. It was too late for Trujillo to regain any chance of a pin. Trujillo will undoubtedly be back next year at the state tournament next year, bigger and stronger than ever