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Trinidad’s so great, it has its own song

by Joy Gipson
TRINIDAD — Singer/songwriter Timothy Garmon, of Levi Creek & Band, has written twenty songs in the last year, thirteen of them after he moved to Trinidad last year. It appears he has been infected with that Rocky Mountain high that captures many of us who have discovered the beauty and grandeur that is Colorado. Not only does its rugged beauty captivate us, it holds much of our country’s incredible history cloaked in old mining towns and along the Santa Fe Trail, that intrigues us also.

Garmon was born in Georgia and grew up on a family farm. He has always been interested in music and started playing drums in the eighth grade. He also plays guitar. His main interest is country music but he plays jazz and rock music also.

Timothy has been so inspired with Trinidad that he has written a song about it called “Trinidad” (“where the food is good and the girls are bad”.) It’s about a cowboy who rides into Trinidad on his horse and falls in love. His single, “Trinidad,” will be available for digital download on May 3, featuring three original songs, “Trinidad,” “Land of my Dreams,” and “Hitched”. He has an album, “Two Sides of the Story” being digitally released June 28 and later on CD. These three songs will be on the album also. Timothy feels “the digital world has destroyed the music industry and what will bring it back is the involvement of the local community.”

Levi Creek & Band will be performing on April 30 at SCRT’s big Texas Hold ’em Tournament fundraiser at 8pm, 131 W. Main Street in Trinidad and at Brix Sports Bar, 231 E. Main, Trinidad, on Saturday May 7 at 9pm – 12am. They will also be the headliner for the Raton Fireworks Celebration, in Raton on the fourth of July. For more information go to