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Trinidad Ambulance District posts election May 8

by Bill Knowles

TRINIDAD — The Trinidad Ambulance District will hold elections for its board of directors on Tuesday May 8, 2018 between 7 am and 7 pm.

Candidates running for a four year term are Katherine M. Bueno, Nicholas Mattorano, Matthew Duran, and Pat M. Fletcher. Voters are allowed to choose two from this list.

Amiee Lee Duran, Thomas Joseph Murphy, Matthew T. Moreno and James W. Casias are each running for a two year term. Voters are to choose one from this list.

The current board consists of the following persons: Joseph Martinez who currently is serving a four-year term. This is his second four years, making him term limited. He will not be able to run in the May 2020 elections.

Kathy Bueno is serving the 2016-2018 term and is running for a four year term this will open up a two year term in the 2018-2020 term. She was appointed for her current term.

Matt Moreno, who was appointed to the ambulance board in November 2015 to finish Denise Clark’s 2014-2018 term. He ran unopposed in 2016 , completing the second half of a four year term 2016-2018. He has four years left from 2018-2022 but is running for a two year term instead. This leaves a four year term open.

George Dasko is also term limited and will not be able to run, leaving his position open for a four year term.

Derek Navarette is serving a four year term running from 2016-2020. A ballot drawing held at the ambulance district building on Robinson, Tuesday March 6, 2018, picked the current candidates. The candidates appear on the ballot in the order picked.