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This week in History for September 29, 2011

La Veta
1901: A forest fire has been burning all this week near the Bemen sawmill on Middle Creek. Sparks from a locomotive first started the blaze and the extremely dry weather is not conducive to its abatement.
1907: William Woodruff disposed of his phonograph to E.L. Smith and with the removal of the restaurant phonograph the surrounding businessmen have breathed a sigh of relief at the silence.
1913: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spielmann are now permanently located in San Gabriel, Calif., near the Garrens and other former La Veta residents.
1920: For Sale:- A fumed oak Victrola, cost $100, with 20 records, almost new. $75 and it’s yours. Inquire of J.M. Arnold.
1926: The words IN ME, high on a rocky slope on the north side of the West Peak, are best viewed between four and six in the afternoon when the sun highlights the perfectly chiseled letters.
1932: The La Veta Legionnaires annexed the Huerfano County baseball championship by winning a close game with the Walsenburg Merchants 4-3. Team members are E. Ferrero, V. Ferrero, Jones, Utt, Beauvais, Ottinger, O’Rourke, Valdez and Richman.
1940: The La Veta Jaycees are planning to give a chili supper in the La Veta Hotel for the town’s businessmen and residents next month.
1947: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ottinger bought the new house just finished by W.H. Hamilton on east Virginia Street and are in the process of moving in.
1953: Rock Rest Café and Lodge on La Veta Pass are under the new management of Mr. and Mrs. Hengl but the café and filling station are still open 24 hours a day.
1960: The new post office at the corner of Ryus and Oak Streets opened Monday.
1967: There will be an auction Oct. 30 of the store, post office, curio shop, restaurant, lodge or motel, cabins, condominium site, residence and commercial lots at Cuchara.
1975: The first snowfall on the Spanish Peaks appeared Saturday morning, Sept. 10, exactly 100 days after the last one fell on June 10.
1983: The Academic Boosters Organization (ABO) elected Shirley Sanchez, president, Glenna Hickey, vice president, Nancy Bressan, secretary and Sherry Novarro, treasurer. The group is raising funds for the school library and will sponsor a Halloween carnival at the school on Oct. 29.


1896: Ninety-five pupils are enrolled in the Pictou School with Miss Lucy Lester, teacher and principal.
1903: The Societa Pietro Toselli of Walsenburg, Rouse and Pictou will have a Columbus day celebration on Oct. 12.
1909: J.S. Windsor earned $50.08 for his onions grown on a twelfth of an acre at the Workman place on Capitol Hill.
1916: A fire in the Empress Theater last night was caused by some film exploding in the box.
1922: Norman Joseph’s fine new two story commercial building on South Main is nearly complete.
1930: The county commissioners decided to extend Seventh Street through Walsen camp as a part of the road to La Veta.
1937: Nearly 70 cattlemen, sheriffs and courtesy patrolmen of Huerfano and Las Animas counties met last night to outline a program to prevent more cattle rustling.
1942: A number of stone shelter houses will be constructed at Huajatolla Park by the Huerfano county association for the national defense recreation committee.
1949: All the grocery stores in Walsenburg unanimously agreed to close their establishments at 7 p.m. Saturdays beginning Saturday, Oct. 1.
1956: Tomorrow will be the last day for irrigating lawns in the city this season due to the short water supply and extended drought.
1962: Louis Nardini, secretary of the Huerfano County Chamber of Commerce, will wed Pearl Velarde, sister of Sheriff Anthony Velarde, Oct. 6 in Denver.
1969: An estimated damage of $250,000 has been calculated as caused by the Aug. 22 hail storm in Walsenburg, considered to be the worst in at least 25 years.
1974: Seventh and eighth grade students will be moved into the new middle school building as soon as the plumbing is completed, possibly next week, but will continue to eat lunch at Washington School, which will necessitate transportation.
1981: Forty Huerfano County Chamber of Commerce members from Walsenburg took the bus trip to see first hand the first phase of work completed at Pañadero Ski Resort and to have lunch at The Timbers in Cuchara.
1989: The Roids, made up of David Perkins, Cari Seawell, Nick Dudik, Brent Seawell, Barbara Hannon and Bo Seawell, will play for a dance Saturday night in the Walsenburg Community Center along with The Screaming Mice, who are Tom Vail, Paul Mushen and Clark Dimond.