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This week in history for September 27, 2012


1898: Charley Trew of the Santa Clara is now with Teddy’s rough riders as a member of Company C.
1905: Adolph Harmes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Luis N. Harmes of Talpa and Miss Francisquita Gonzales, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luz Gonzales, were married in St. Mary Church with a wedding reception following in Lucero Hall.
1912: Mr. Otto Klein expects to enlarge his picture show and will have vaudeville performances in connection.
1918: Word has been received that William Dick, member of the firm of Edwards and Dick Plumbing and son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dick, has arrived safely in Europe. He was one of the first to volunteer for the armed services in the present conflict.
1924: The Dodge Brothers have reduced prices on four types of cars they manufacture – the “special” touring car, roadster, “A” model sedan and four passenger coupe.
1930: A total of 1,835 men were employed in Huerfano County coal mines in August, producing 81,748 tons. Total production between Jan. 1 and Aug. 1 was 758,507 tons.
1936: A quota of 100 men between the ages of 17 and 28, unmarried, unemployed and physically fit, has been set by the Civilian Conservation Corps for Huerfano County.
1942: The Colorado Highway Patrol is to enforce the new 35 mile per hour speed limit to conserve rubber tires.
1948: George Spock has resigned his position in the office of County Treasurer Emma Bellotti and will be replaced by Hector Marchiori, a 1932 graduate of St. Mary High School.
1954: As of today, 52 couples have applied with the county clerk for marriage licenses, compared to 36 this time last year.
1960: The six producing coal mines of Huerfano County – Black Hawk, Calumet No. 2, Gordon, Maitland No. 2, Morning Glory and Pioneer – produced 3,039 tons in August.
1966: Finishing touches are being completed to the newly remodeled William J. Neeman Pontiac Co., 322 Main, in an $80,000 project to expand and remodel the premises.
1973: 1972 Pontiac Le Mans sport coupe, radio, heater, automatic transmission, power steering, $2,495, at Lenzini Motor Company.
1978: As of Oct. 1, Huerfano Memorial Hospital will charge $120 for its delivery and labor room, up from $90 per delivery, and will up the charge for emergency room cases from $15 to $18, and to $20 on Sundays and holidays.
1984: Property owners will go to the polls next Tuesday, Oct. 2, to decide on a $1,050,000 bond issue for Huerfano Memorial Hospital.
1990: Gardner School is one of only two schools in Colorado offering Chapter I classes. Kathy Babb is the teacher.

La Veta

1900: J.B. King, our old resident who published the Huerfano Herald here in 1880-1883, has sold his newspapers the Elbert County Tribune and Eastonville World, and gone into the mercantile business.
1907: The mountain slopes are gorgeous in their autumn dress of many colors, but as yet no frost has harmed the tender vegetables down here in the valley.
1913: Dr. R.A. Mathews, who used to practice here but left about 12 years ago, has rented the front part of Mrs. Daigre’s building on Main Street and will open an office within the next few days.
1920: We understand Blue Lake is to be drained and the fish let out into the stream, and then the lake will be restocked with young trout.
1926: The first real frost of the season followed Gene Tunney’s example last night and knocked out the reigning champions of the garden.
1931: The 21st [railroad] carload of cauliflower was shipped from Huerfano County and growers received from 80¢ to $1.05 per crate.
1938: Laura Walker Newton recalls in 1871 her family lived in a log cabin near La Veta and there were about 500 Utes camped on their land. Her mother got pneumonia, her brother Danny died, then the cabin burned down with most everything in it.
1944: The freshmen elected as class officers Jack Coleman, president; Barbara Brown, vice president; Marie Pascoe, secretary; Betty Moore, treasurer and Gloria Arnold, historian.
1950: A rock crusher of the state highway department is located on the Walter Campbell ranch preparing road surfacing material and we hope it will be used on Highway 111.
1956: San Isabel Electric has promised to replace the street lights at the intersections with better and brighter lights.
1961: Died, Caroline Phillipa Stanger, born in England in 1872 and who came to La Veta in 1888. She leaves two daughters, Mary Fisk of Walsenburg and Idalia Gilbert, La Veta, and sisters Edith Hector, Annie Powell and Mabel Pickens, all of La Veta.
1967: The Redskins won their third straight game when they defeated Lathrop Youth Camp 34-6.
1974: Some 65 Walsenburg and La Veta friends of Natalie Wagner attended her bridal shower in Fellowship Hall Sept. 14.
1981: Re-2 School Board adopted a preliminary budget for 1982 for $765,585 for the general fund, $48,235 capital reserve and $18,924 for the bond redemption fund.
1987: The county assessor has set the valuation of La Veta at $4,544,962, up from $3,005,268 from last year, and of Re-2 School District at $23,523,770 compared to $13,339,538 for last year.
1994: Valley Hardware, 300 Main, is beginning its liquidation with a 50%-off sale.