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This Week in History for September 2, 2021


1863: In the late election, Jno. B. Rice and B.R. Boyce were elected county commissioners and Jacob Beard, sheriff. The ballots are still being counted in regard to the selection of a county seat.

1883: The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad is now completed all the way to Ogden, Utah and through tickets to San Francisco are available.

1893: Two men from Creede stocked up with provisions at Cowings’ grocery en route to the Cherokee Strip in their prairie schooners.

1898: The little son of Archie Jolly was run over and seriously hurt by a team and wagon while returning home from school Tuesday.

1903: Mrs. Fred Stack is running the boardinghouse at McMillan gold camp on the Sierra Blanca.

1908: Lost – Roan Mare, branded 3/4 box on left hip, had on halter and picket rope when last seen. $5 reward. George Gregory, Farr camp.

1913: John Happs, John Modrick and William Smith won the prizes offered for the best lawns and gardens in Ravenwood camp.

1918: About 50 members of the Walsenburg Garden Club went to Ravenwood for a picnic and games, and were joined by the boys and girls of Cameron and Ravenwood, or about 90 people altogether.

1923: The school district has hired a trained nurse to work full time on health and nutrition in the public schools.

1928: Fifteen teachers are employed in the Cameron/Walsen school district for the 350 students enrolled.

1933: Every person employed under the Blue Eagle program must take part in the Labor Day parade under the Auspices of the National Recovery Act.

1938: Mr. and Mrs. Pio Marck, married in Walsenburg September 2, 1918, are celebrating their 20th anniversary today with all nine of their children.

1943: Wednesday Only at the Fox Theater, “King Kong” starring Fay Wray and Robert Armstrong, plus “Gunga Din” with Cary Grant, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Victor McLaglen.

1948: The ninth marriage license for the month of August was issued to Matt Vigna, 22, of Walsenburg, and Miss Mary Vezzani, 19, of Aguilar.

1953: Huerfano County maintains the rank of fifth in coal production for ’53 with 91,856 tons since January 1. Kebler was the highest producer and also had the highest rate of employment with about 200 of the total 321 employees.

1958: The eight remaining one-room rural schools will be taught this year by Fredelina Pacheco, Reuben Archuleta, Ruth Clair, Lula Valdez, Evelyn Bailey, Emil Blasi, Bertha Cisneros and Elaine Wyatt.

1963: The swimming meet prior to closing the municipal pool for the season was Labor Day. Winning the free style medley were Chuck Arellano, Mike Meyer, Austin Murr and John Figal.

1968: Fresh Colorado Green Chili, 15 cents a pound, Fresh Whole Fryers, 29 cents a pound, Colorado Bartlett Pears, 13 cents a pound. Black and White Grocery.

1973: Chief of Police William O’Rourke who resigned last week will become a counselor at Lathrop Park Youth Camp.

1978: More than 500 fans attended the Battle of the Sexes softball game Tuesday when the men’s team defeated the women 7-4. The event netted $330 for Walsenburg Sheltered Workshop.

1983: Building permits in Huerfano County climbed to more than $18 million for the month of August.

1988: The assessed valuation for ’88 climbed by more than five million dollars with $82,833,840 for School District Re-1 and $10,081,960 for the City of Walsenburg. ARCO has an assessed valuation of $45,921,060.

1993: A total of 1,189 students have registered for schools in Huerfano County, a total slightly higher that last year’s 1,171. Re-1 has so far enrolled 813 students, 202 of whom are in John Mall High School. La Veta so far has 270 registered, just six students over last year, and St. Mary Elementary School has 106, slightly less than last year since preschool was discontinued.

La Veta

1885: Not only did the town board table indefinitely the citizen petition to repeal the ordinance against loose animals, it ordered the marshal to bring suit against any owner of any animal found to be damaging shade trees.

1895: The buzz of the threshing machine is now being heard in the land.

1900: John Stranger’s house finally got across the river and is in place next to his store where it is quite an acquisition to Ryus Avenue.

1905: Harry Lawton went to Denver last Saturday to purchase a new Cadillac after selling his old car to a rich resident of the San Luis Valley.

1910: Alfalfa at $12 a ton and meadow hay at $15 should make the farmers rich.

1915: The bumper crops of wheat, corn, oats and barley north and east of town were destroyed by hail, including those on the Atchison, Kreutzer, Bruno Martinez and Hamilton farms.

1920: Our community was greatly shocked and surprised to learn yesterday that Hugh Sager, 71, was killed in an automobile accident near Steamboat Springs. He was one of the first to settle here and the pioneer of the Hereford livestock raising.

1925: The Cooper Brothers will visit La Veta and perform two shows September 5. This is a Wild West show with trained animals, riders, ropers, clowns, etc.

1930: The man who whispers down a well/About the goods he has to sell/Will never reap the shining dollars/Like he who climbs a tree and hollers.

1935: The Works Progress Administration project to build a new school gymnasium has been approved and it is found it would be entirely within the means of the district.

1940: Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hamilton, who have been operating a filling station at the summit of La Veta Pass, have taken charge of the Ojo station and store formerly operated by Mr. and Mrs. William Peachey.

1945: Forty years ago William Fey the builder had the contracts to build a barn on the Woodring ranch and a stone ranch house on the Tony Ariano ranch on the Cucharas south of town.. (which is still sitting there practically in the highway).

1950: La Veta Cash and Carry, Gamble’s, La Veta Locker Plant, Kincaid’s general store and Coleman Drug Store will be closed for business on Labor Day.

1955: Died, Dora Bruce, well known resident who was born in La Veta in April 1885. She was a familiar sight in La Veta’s restaurants and cafes where she cooked and served. Nee Kimsey, she leaves a brother and three sisters as well as her sons Robert and Luther.

1960: A family reunion will mark the 50th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Byrel Goss this weekend. The couple, who are 75 and 69 years, are expecting their two sons, Byrel and Robert, and eight daughters, Margaret Clair, Zelma Tannehill, Olena Ottinger, Hannah Rohr, Mildred Estes, Nola Cox, Dolores Davidson and Mary Cox.

1965: Christine Aguirre won the blue ribbon in the Colorado State Fair dress revue in a field of 54 competitors.

1970: Miss DeEtta Brgoch was guest  of honor at a bridal shower August 24 in the United Methodist Church with some 60 guests in attendance.

1975: For rent: $90 a month, one bedroom bungalow, partly furnished. 211 Grand.

1980: After several successful fundraisers and receipt of a grant, the La Veta Library will continue work on the new addition.

1985: Linda Mapes, new owner of the Sundown Saloon, has hired CJ Bynum and Frankie Kerr as her assistants.

1990: Returning elementary teachers are Peggy Arnold, kindergarten; Jenny Piazza, second grade; Linda Covington, third; Karen Vietti, fourth; Sherry Leap, fifth and Nina Sheldon, sixth. Mary Woodruff is the new first grade teacher.

1995: La Veta now has eight eating establishments, the Sugar Shack, Main and Grand; La Milagro, Francisco and Main; La Veta Inn, Ryus: the former Bank Cafe now Positively Main Street and the Covered Wagon, both on Main; The Pub, Oak; Pretty Chili, Main; and the Ryus Avenue Bakery on Ryus.