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This week in History for September 08, 2011

La Veta
1900: A party of hunters found the rifle and purse of Dave Foushee near the summit of Indian Creek Pass and feared he was dead. Hearing a groan, they looked up and found Dave in a tree, his overalls shredded from where he escaped from a bear.
1907: The school board is contemplating placing a furnace in the school house to replace the wood stoves.
1913: Andrew Pickens will go to Trinidad next week as a delegate to the convention of the United Mine Workers of America.
1919: The Boy Scouts entertained the Camp Fire Girls with roasting ears and watermelons and a social time on Piñon Hill last Wednesday evening.
1925: A little Pickens girl, running excitedly into the house, told her mother that the rainbow had fallen into the yard, but she couldn’t pick it up. Upon investigation the mother discovered a little pool of water upon which oil was floating, radiating the colors of the rainbow.
1932: Ellis Smith was given a farewell party Monday evening before departing the next day for college in Flagstaff, Arizona.
1938: Only 89 students enrolled in the La Veta High School the first day, compared to 102 last year.
1944: The ban on the sale of ammunition to hunters was lifted and the nimrods will have their first hunting season since the war began.
1950: The P.T.A. will give a reception for the school board and faculty Thursday, Sept. 14 at 8 pm in the high school auditorium and everyone is invited.
1956: Mrs. Diane Tesitor closed La Chacra Lodge in Cuchara Camps Sept. 4 and Lester Barrington sold the last of the gas and closed the filling station.
1962: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Masinton celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Sept. 2 in the Cuchara Chuck Wagon with more than 200 guests.
1968: Julie Ann Tracy, 1966 graduate of LVHS, received an Associates of Arts degree in Nursing from Southern Colorado State College in Pueblo.
1975: J. Frank Cordova has retired after 29 years with the Colorado Division of Wildlife and is being replaced by Lonnie Brown of Mosca.
1982: Winners of the Pañadero Ski Area season ski passes in the Cuchara Valley Chamber of Commerce contest were Marilyn Hall and Pam Pemberton.

1902: Harry Gordon will sell his beautiful brick home at Main and Ninth streets, including the orchard and outbuildings.
1909: County Coroner Dr. S.J. Lamme of La Veta came in to town to hold an inquest on the body of George Angelo who was shot to death on Seventh Street.
1916: Ad: John Bertoli, Zapatero Practico, Calle 7 al Poniente. (Shoemaker, West 7th Street)
1921: Members of the city council have agreed the town needs a city hall, paved streets, and a storm sewer system.
1927: Tony Madle was voted most popular player in the junior baseball league, followed by Oscar Santi and Christie Mosco.
1933: The most gigantic demonstration in the annals of Walsenburg was displayed on Labor Day when all N.R.A. [National Recovery Act] units joined en masse for a street parade heralding the return of prosperity under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. More than 1,500 people took part in the parade.
1939: Work starts this week on the installation of a new heating system for the Huerfano County Courthouse, when a steam pipe line will be laid between it and the Walsenburg creamery to heat both the courthouse and the jail.
1946: The Anglos defeated the Spanish-Americans 10-2 and the Wops won 3-0 over the Slavs in the first round of the Walsenburg Nationality series here last night.
1953: The Kebler mine will be closed and the town of Tioga will be dismantled, affecting 100 employees and their families.
1960: Enrollment in District Re-1 schools includes 406 in the junior-senior high, 122 at Gardner, 36 at Hill, 40 at Seventh Street and 20 at Rouse.
1966: Robert Frasher will open an $8,000 car wash next to his home on West 4th St.
1972: Dia de las Plaza de Leones will be staged in Walsenburg Sept. 15-16 to celebrate Mexican Independence Day with ethnic foods, dancing and mariachi mass.
1977: San Isabel Electric Company has offered to sell power to the City of Walsenburg at much less than what it costs the city to produce its own power.
1985: The 12th annual Plaza de los Leones Fiesta is this weekend and Frances Nelson Vallejo will serve as Grand Marshal for the parade.