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this week in history for October 3, 2013


1893: Thirty of the county’s rural schools are open for the year under the direction of 48 teachers.
1899: The enrollment in the District No. 4, Walsenburg, schools today reached 300 – the largest number of pupils in the history of the district.
1905: The teachers of the first grade in Walsenburg claim to be very hospitable and always welcome visitors to their classrooms, but when an energetic six inch centipede began an investigation among the students, he was met with assault and battery which ended his career.
1911: Fifty-three students have now enrolled in the Rocky Mountain school northwest of town.
1917: Forty more draftees will leave next week for the army and a farewell party will be given them Tuesday evening in the Star Theater.
1923: During the past 60 days, our police officers have brought in $1,200 in fines to the city treasury.
1929: The Walsenburg Independent has been advocating an organization to encourage industrial development in Huerfano County.
1935: Huerfano County miners returned to work today after settling their strike for a raise in pay.
1941: Bills amounting to $3,412.91 were paid by the City of Walsenburg for September.
1947: Coach Lloyd Sehnert says starters for the Panther football team this year are Andy Ritz, Roy Patrick, Bill Boyer, Ray Aguirre, Don Pisarczyk, Herbert Pritchard, Don Freeman, Frank Gomez, Epie Vallejo, Reggie Figal and Richard Chanick.
1953: Despite closure of the Kebler mine, coal production in Huerfano County was up for the month of August when 5,226 tons were produced. Of the 12 producing mines, Pictou was the high producer with 1,695 tons.
1959: The Walsenburg High School Panthers “snowed under” the Antonito Trojans Friday 40-0 in a heavy snowstorm where it was difficult to distringuish players in the swirling white.
1965: Elected one-year directors of the newly organized Walsenburg Golf Association were Joe E. Faris, Herman Mazzone, Charles Magnone, Robert Meyer, George Habib, Dr. James M. Lamme Jr., Anthony Tesitor, Gerald Ariano and James J. Tesitor.
1971: Keith Tatman will operate the Standard Service Station at the junction of Interstate 25 and State Highway 10.
1977: The $3.25 smorgasbord at the Rambler Restaurant this Sunday will feature fried chicken, stuffed peppers, turkey and lasagna plus all your favorite salads and dessert.
1983: Jim West and Jim Tesitor teamed up last weekend and won top honors in the first annual Huerfano County Open.
1990: Died, Frances Nelson Vallejo, who was born Oct. 4, 1904 to Antonio and Elisa Atencio but was adopted and raised by John and Maria Atencio Nelson. She graduated from St. Mary High in 1922 and Adams State College in 1954 and spent 14 years teaching in North Veta, Fairview and Gardner. She was deputy county superintendent of schools for four years and superintendent 24 and a half years. She leaves her son, Edmund.

La Veta

1883: The town board received the deed to the land on which Oak Street has been platted from Henry Daigre and Benton Canon and, after learning the opening of the street would cost $75, ordered the work to be done.
1889: G.W. Graham, an employee of the West Spanish Peak Mining Company, says the company recently purchased the Bulls Eye mine for $30,000.
1895: John Pruitt and wife have moved to La Veta and will have an establishment with temperance drinks in the Arthur A. Foote building on Ryus Avenue. They will also serve beer and whiskey.
1901: Work on the depot is progressing nicely, the extension being almost completed. The building is virtually a new one with a very neat appearance, though the south side appears a little shed-like. Passengers coming in from the east mostly see the bay window and Gothic arch.
1907: The school board this week had the brick schoolhouse connected with the town water system and ordered a new furnace for $325 to replace the old, inefficient one.
1913: The price of coal has gone to 75¢ on the ton. The public gets it in the neck while operators and the union reap the rewards.
1919: James Powell has added cobbling to his photographic talents and is now mending shoes for Mr. Webb.
1925: Alex Klobsky was down from his mountain fastness yesterday and predicts snow on the fifth.
1931: The current warm spell is bringing out apple blossoms and perennial plants are blooming for the second time this year.
1938: The high school girls have organized a Pep Club and elected Shirley Foote, president, Louise Simms, vice president and Lillian Duzenack, secretary and treasurer.
1944: The Oakview school district has been consolidated with La Veta and school buses are bringing pupils in from that community.
1950: Died, Arthur Clark Foote, 61. He was born October 6, 1889 to Arthur A. and Emma Foote and spent his entire life here, mostly working for the Denver and Rio Grande Western. He married the former Marion Roush in 1909. He leaves his daughter Patricia, brother Albert E. and sister Jessie Donegan.
1957: Editor E.E. Engberg is retiring and the La Veta Advertiser, a fixture since 1895, will in future be a part of the Walsenburg-Independent published by Consolidated Publishing Company.
1963: Pete Percifull was installed Master Councilor of the La Veta Order of DeMolay.
1969: Vernon L. Warren, 33, was killed when the plane he was piloting crashed near the old Rouse mine south of Walsenburg. He leaves his wife, the former Virginia Shrout, two sons and a daughter, his parents and grandparents in La Veta.
1976: A personal shower was held last week in honor of Alene McQueen who wed Frank Duzenack Oct. 2.
1982: Jeffrey Paul Geiser has received his Master of Arts degree from Western State College.
1988: The La Veta Redskins, undefeated and tied for the lead in Division IV league football, have been ranked ninth in the state by the Associated Press.