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This week in history for November 6, 2014

Walsenburg 1882: Buffalo Bill (The Hon. W.F. Cody) has a decided hit for the coming theatrical season in employing the celebrated Sitting Bull, the Indian chief who slew Custer and his command at the Little Big Horn, as one of his chief attractions. 1889: The Santa Clara mines closed last week on account of the owner desiring the coal to be weighed on the cars instead of on the little scales, which makes a great reduction to the miners. 1896: The official vote in Huerfano County totaled 2,868 ballots. Juan de Dios Montez was elected to the state legislature and E.A. Lewis defeated Dr. Thomas Grantham for County Commissioner for District #3. 1902: Paul Frohlich is about to put up a warehouse 30 by 50 feet behind his present store buildings on South Main Street for the display of wagons, machinery and larger hardware. 1908: Last Thursday the pupils and teachers of our public schools attended a free matinee at Gordon and Klein’s moving picture show in Mazzone Hall. 1914: Saturday there was a Miners Memorial Service in Walsenburg to honor the three miners shot dead in the Seventh Street Riot last year. 1920: It is hoped that merchants will close their businesses during the big Armistice Day celebration the American Legion is planning for Nov. 11. 1926: Tracks for the Colorado and Southern Railroad are being extended 4,000 feet northeast of the present station in Walsenburg where a new water tank and automatic coaling chute are being installed. 1932: The J.C. Penney Company’s new department store located at 602-604 Main will open its doors Tuesday, in a much larger building than it formerly occupied down the street. 1938: The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars are planning the biggest Armistice Day celebration ever in Walsenburg with special trains coming from Pueblo and Trinidad. 1944: Pfc. Leandro Lara has been reported wounded in action in Europe and is hospitalized in France. 1950: More than 5,000 of Huerfano County’s 6,836 registered voters turned out Tuesday for the election. 1956: Both Huerfano County and St. Mary high schools had mock elections and President Eisenhower squeaked through with one slim vote. 1962: Independent candidate Theodore Pineda defeated Charles Duran, incumbent Democrat, for county assessor, 1957-1923. Duran has served since 1946. 1968: Monday will be Veterans Day and the V.F.W. will start observances with a parade at 11 a.m. featuring five school bands, military organizations and floats. All Walsenburg merchants are asked to close for the holiday and display American flags. 1974: Great Family Dining! Broasted Chicken and Broasted Potatoes. The Candlelight Inn, Seventh and Main. 1980: Winning La Organizacio de la Plaza de los Leones scholarships were Eric Romero, Jayda Bellah, Mike R. Martinez and Leo Navarro. 1986: Members of local law enforcement will face off with educators from Walsenburg and La Veta high schools in the Police V. Teachers flag football game Saturday, Nov. 8.

La Veta 1876: The mines being developed on the west Spanish Peak are rich there is no doubt, and, they, with other natural advantages, will make La Veta permanently a good town there is little doubt. 1881: The Mountain Monarch Company plans to operate on the West Peak all winter, and has openings for six men plus a man and wife to run the boardinghouse. The company’s new tunnel is at the bottom of the gulch about 100 feet below the old opening. 1887: The new bridge over the Cucharas on Francisco Street has been completed and is open to traffic. 1893: Enoch Frankenberry and Manuel Guillen met with an accident in Will Adamson’s coal mine where they were burned badly but will survive. 1899: We enjoyed some first class doughnuts and cookies from Mrs. M.E. Carver’s new bakery in the old Francisco plaza the other day. 1905: We learn Ed Berry has been placed in an insane asylum in Las Vegas, N. Mex. He is an old resident of 1870 when he came and worked for J.G. Hamilton for about 10 years before squatting a claim south of town. 1911: Jasper Kerby won the contract to haul stone for the construction of the new school house. 1917: Dr. Julian Lamme has just completed installing a very convenient cellar for the accommodation of the farming produce from his place east of town. 1923: Fred Vasquez and Mrs. Jennie Ghiardi won the prize for the best waltz during the Halloween masquerade ball last Wednesday in Odd Fellows Hall. 1929: A number of meetings had to be postponed this week on account of the big storm. 1935: Martin Cubich of Walsenburg has leased the former B&H Tavern and renamed it the Silver Dollar, offering short orders, beer, cigarettes and candy. 1941: The reopening of the Colorado Cheese Company will be sometime next week. The company has arranged for five trucks to pick up milk daily from area farms through two trips per day. Four people will be employed in the plant. 1947: Appearing in the Junior Class play, “The Daffy Dills”, this weekend will be Thomas Elley, Dorothy Kopine, Ernest Charlifue, Donna Hayes, Billy Max Frost, Myrna Loy Beck, Mildred Howlett, Roxie Boyd, Harriet Smith, Albert Robino, Martha Ward and Jean Brown. 1953: Showing at the Spur Theater this weekend, Jeff Chandler and Marilyn Maxwell in “East of Sumatra”, plus “Stalag 17” starring William Holden. 1959: The Redskins advanced to the state playoffs after a 40-0 win over Sierra Grande. 1965: About 40 La Veta High School students attended an after the game Halloween party Friday night given by Teresa Gordon, Barbara Leatherwood and Rosalie Underwood at the Gordon home. 1971: It was a long weekend after about a foot of snow fell Friday and wind and blowing snow created hazards to driving. 1977: Don and Lavonne Boxwell sponsored a children’s Halloween costume contest at their flower shop, which was followed by a party in the 4-H Barn. 1983: The San Isabel National Forest district supervisor says the office in La Veta may be closed.